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A Key to success

Although undesired, claims and disputes are present in almost every project. Construction rarely evolves as planned and several events give rise to claims under or in connection with the contract. Our experienced consultants in construction law have deep knowledge of the multi-tier dispute resolution proceedings of modern contracts and can guide your way through this highly complex environment. Our experts can effectively assist you in pursuing your claims in front of Engineers and Employers, Adjudication Dispute Boards (DAB) and Arbitration or Court tribunals, very often reaching amicable settlements. We work closely with our clients aiming to maximise claims' outcome by avoiding unnecessary costs and attaining early settlement of disputes. Our success is based on the latest tools and methods we use, our in-depth knowledge of the industries we operate and our perception of the different commercial, cultural and legal aspects that prevail in the countries we operate along with the particular needs of our clients.


These services can be beneficial to our clients, who may be claimants or defendants, contractors or subcontractors, owners, governments, law firms, insurance companies and commercial and investment banks and are offered at any stage of the project execution or dispute resolution proceedings.



Efficiently resolve disputes and maximise outcome

Our Claims Management and Dispute Resolution services include:

  • contract and governing law analysis

  • identification of potential claims

  • impartial assessment of claims

  • strategic advice for the pursuit of claims

  • cause and effect analysis

  • forensic delay analysis and entitlement to an extension of time and additional payment

  • disruption, acceleration, variation orders

  • quantum calculations 

  • preparation of detailed statements of claim and supportive documentation

  • presentation, defense and negotiation of claims

  • claim rebuttals

  • strategic advice and guidance

  • close cooperation with client's legal advisers and representatives

  • support in multi-tier dispute resolution proceedings (Engineer / Employer, adjudication, arbitration, litigation)

  • support in negotiations for amicable settlement

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