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In the modern and complex environment of projects, effective contract management is of paramount importance to achieve project objectives. We work closely with our clients to analyse the provisions of the contract and the governing law thereof, identify risks and exercise their rights in a proper and timely manner.

Contract Paper Signing


Successfully resolve Disputes

Looking to prepare detailed claims and resolve disputes in your projects but not sure where to turn? Need help to successfully pursue your claims in multi-tier dispute resolution proceedings? Let us guide you. We can assist you in resolving your disputes in a cost-conscious and effective manner. Preparing for success in today's demanding environment for the resolution of disputes in connection with, or arising out of, the contract or the execution of your project requires proper advice and insightful decisions.


Effectively plan and schedule Projects

Today execution time is of the essence in achieving the goals of your projects. Proper planning and scheduling of works with modern tools is a prerequisite for effective project monitoring, optimization of resource use, as well as for successful pursuit of claims for extensions of time and additional payment in case of delay or disruption of the works.

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