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Complex matters become simple

Construction is an inherently risky industry. Projects are unique endeavours with complicated contracts and many participants. Most often, the successful outcome of a project relies heavily on the successful administration of the contract to effectively deal with the risks encountered during the construction phase. Our expertise covers standard contract forms as well as bespoke contracts. Our involvement from the onset of the project guarantees that our clients will successfully protect their rights under the contract and the governing law thereof, throughout the performance of the contract. Effective contract management is the cornerstone of success in a marginal profit industry, where success often lies in the precise and timely interpretation of the contract and the law along with proper advice on the pursuit of rights.

These services can be beneficial to our clients, who may be contractors or subcontractors, owners, governments and engineering consultants and are offered both at the pre-contractual stage and during the performance of the contract.

Contract Paper Signing


Protect your rights - maximise the outcome from the administration of your contracts

Our Contract Management Services include:

  • contract risk review and advice

  • contract administration

  • guidance to identify risks and potential claims

  • correspondence and notices

  • guidance on preparation for pursuit of claims

  • expert guidance on critical contractual matters (extensions of time, variations, etc.)

  • strategic advice and support

  • support for amendments and settlement agreements

  • Support in commercial negotiations

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