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Planning your projects can be a highly demanding and complicated process. We bring our expertise to your teams for the creation of sophisticated CPM programmes to fit the particular requirements of your project or business needs. Whether on the stage of participation in a tender or planning and monitoring a project, our experts can create detailed CPM schedules with the use of state-of-the-art project scheduling software to help you with the efficient planning of works and allocation of resources, monitor progress and proposing corrective actions for the successful execution of your projects. Our services and experience provide hands-on solutions which, combined with our contract management services, maximize your benefits allowing proper handling of critical contractual and claim matters related to time (extensions of time, delay claims, liquidated delay damages).

These services can be beneficial to our clients, who may be contractors or subcontractors, owners, governments, engineering consultants and commercial and investment banks and are offered both at the pre-contractual stage (e.g. participation to tender) and during the performance of the contract.

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Achieve your goals - efficiently plan and control your projects.

Our comprehensive Planning and Scheduling Services include:

  • preparation of tender and baseline contract-compliant programmes

  • resource loading of activities

  • cash flows and S-Curves

  • updated and revised programmes

  • monitoring of progress

  • critical path analysis and corrective actions

  • recovery and accelerated programmes

  • progress reporting

  • time impacts from changes

  • expert advisory for the efficient handling of time related matters (extension of time, delay claims, liquidated delay damages)

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